Oracle EBS Functional Releases – Panaya vs Blind Testing

by | July 31, 2014

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Oracle EBS Functional Releases – Panaya vs Blind Testing

Panaya Blog Editor’s Note: Asaf Melamed is our Oracle EBS Solutions Manager. In this colorful conversation, he compares Panaya to blind testing.

“Let’s talk about a typical Oracle EBS testing scenario.

The Magic of Oracle EBS Testing

The Magic of Oracle EBS Testing

The IT team shows up to work on Monday morning. By the time they’ve had their coffee, they realize it’s that time of the quarter again – time for the functional release. You see, they save up all of the small change requests and eventually the functional release alarm clock buzzes and IT has to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty.

The Oracle EBS Fantasy
In a perfect scenario, their organization has a map that shows them where all of the custom code connections are. For most IT teams, this is a fantasy, as only a handful of companies have the staff to constantly document changes to their ERP system. The 99% who don’t have an ERP map have to test everything – and I mean everything – when they make changes.

Let’s say they make a change to a core program, which was a request for a specific business process. They will test the change, and they will also test many other things too. The process is not easy – or fun. It starts in an Oracle sandbox, moves onto a testing environment. Then, if everything is ok, they will move it to production. The users need to sign off on the process, which turns it into a huge endeavor. This entire process can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks in most organizations.

The 400% Testing Clearance Sale
The testing process takes between 100% and 400% of the time it took to program the custom code change! One day of coding will require 4 days of testing.

This is where Panaya comes in.

Panaya pinpoints exactly where their custom code changes will affect other areas of their Oracle EBS system. We tell IT exactly what they need to test. So we save them precious time on investigation, and focus them on what they need to test.

We give them our results almost immediately, so they are able to get right to work. Here’s the good news – we help them with changes to their custom and standard code. We tell them where the change is being impacted. They make their code changes, then they send their new code changes back to us (to verify that they solved the problem without creating new ones). Finally, they need to test and verify that the business processes are behaving in the way that they want them to.

Panaya is the microscope that works with Oracle EBS. The above steps all occur within a few days and enable IT teams to reduce the testing efforts tremendously.”

Blog Editor’s Note: Is your organization looking to stop wasting resources on blind testing? Read more about how Panaya can save you time on your Oracle EBS system here!

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