Oracle EBS 11i Exception Sustaining Support: Get Off the Fence!

by | January 22, 2014

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Oracle EBS 11i Exception Sustaining Support: Get Off the Fence!

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) users across the globe breathed a collective sigh of relief when Oracle announced at last year’s OpenWorld that once again it would extend support for version 11i of EBS.

Support (although very limited) will run through the end of 2015, meaning that many of us will be balancing precariously on the fence for the next year or so.


Oracle EBS 11i Exception Sustaining Support

Oracle E-Business Suite 11i Exception Sustaining Support


The extension wasn’t so much a change in Oracle’s determination to end support for release 11i in November 2013, but more a slight tweak; the extended support for 11i didn’t change – Oracle simply extended its commitment to Exception Sustaining Support (ESS) only. This means support will only include the following:

  • New fixes for Severity 1 production issues

  • Critical Patch Updates (CPU) for security-related issues

  • Legislative updates: US Form 1099 2013 and 2014 year-end updates Payroll regulatory updates for US, Canada, UK, and Australia for each country’s fiscal years ending in 2014

It’s important to understand the limitations of this extended support into 2014 – as Oracle’s announcement put a lot of 11i customers, who were about to jump off the fence and upgrade to Oracle EBS R12, right back on their precarious and indecisive perch.


The main reason for this support extension is to enable 11i customers ( only) to also upgrade directly to R12.2, 11i customers now have the option to upgrade to either 12.1 or 12.2…we're not going to do this again - next year we'll have a different dialog. If you haven't started your upgrade already—you should!

Oracle’s SVP for Applications Development

Remaining with version 11i for too long is not a healthy situation, particularly if you push it well into 2014. If you want to have a “healthy” ERP system, you should begin planning now – if you haven’t already – for an R12 upgrade. From the way it looks, Oracle won’t extend support for 11i again.


 If you’re on the fence now about an R12 upgrade, wondering if you can keep your balance, you should know that the fence isn’t going to hold your weight for much longer.


Are you still sitting on the fence? Or have you already started planning for your R12 upgrade? Please share your thoughts and experiences here.

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