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Take Your EBS Release Management to the Next Level

We are changing our Oracle EBS environments all the time. Patches, bug fixes, new functionality, and rollouts. These changes have their intended affects and benefits, otherwise why bother!  But how will those changes impact the rest of our business operations? Will we experience any surprise and unintended outcomes? Will something break? Is there risk of a noticeable business interruption?

Panaya has the newest next-generation solutions to help understand how these ERP changes will affect your current business operations. Panaya’s Release Management suite is one of the fastest growing interest areas we are seeing from our customers.

Many release management teams are regularly using Panaya to understand the ripple effect of custom EBS changes. When developers adjust customizations to deal with changing business needs or support issues, the teams know very well where to look for the intended changes in application behavior. But the surprise impact is very hard to find. And that’s particularly challenging in their EBS environments that support multiple geographies and multiple lines of business.

Introducing Panaya Release Management Suite!

That’s where Panaya’s Release Management Suite comes in. Panaya harvests the source code for the planned release, and then simulates these changes in the cloud. Panaya then identifies all of the business functionality affected by the code and data architecture that is changing. Then the release team gets precise insight to optimize the test plan, so that all impact business functions are checked out.  In almost every project we have seen, Panaya finds surprise impact, and sometimes even identifies business functions that don’t appear in the standard “test everything” catalog.

The days of guesswork are over.  It’s time for the next-generation in Release Management!

EBS 12.2.9 Upgrade Factsheet

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