Empowering SAP development processes with Value Stream Management

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At Panaya, we have been talking about value stream management for a while now. Among its benefits, we have mentioned its importance to application development and delivery by enabling Agile and DevOps teams to become strategic partners who help drive business forward. How? VSM tools allow organizations to identify waste in delivery processes, create high-fidelity toolchains, and insert role-based visualization and analytics into data. By better managing, visualizing and measuring the business value of the demand streams (requirements) within software delivery pipelines, organizations can now link economic value to technical outcomes.

Achieving Agile

The idea of VSM seems to be permeating within enterprise IT development organizations as well as ISVs, and with that Forrester kicked off the Forrester New Wave of Value Stream Management Tools, Q3 2018*. The report is Forrester’s evaluation of software vendors providing a solution to help organizations better embrace value stream management using their tools and methodologies.

The Forrester Wave evaluated each VSM tool by the following criteria:

  • Analytics to create what-if scenarios
  • A common data model to store data
  • Governance approach to monitoring compliance
  • Integrations with other used solutions
  • Mapping of people, processes, value and data across value streams
  • Measurement, calculations and tracking of business value
  • Visualization of KPIs that measure efficiency and quality
  • Company Vision
  • Product Road Map
  • Market Approach

Panaya Listed in Forrester’s New Wave on VSM

I am excited to say that Panaya was named as a contender solution on the Wave with significant strength in “empowering SAP developers with code quality analytics that measure impact and risk, and the ability to modernize the SAP app-dev process*.”  Additionally, our Release Dynamix solution was also labeled differentiated in terms of governance. This is a great benefit as governance is a key, inherent process within organizations using ERP solutions and require more compliance and business assurance.

But the best news came from our customers. Forrester interviewed two Panaya customers from leading global manufacturing companies who “praised our ability to link requirements to defects to gain better visibility into the overall value stream with charts and data visualizations that help them manage and reduce risk*.” 

The Importance of Value Stream Management

Many enterprise organizations are not at the point where they fully utilize VSM. However, with today’s applications becoming the tool used in customer experience and differentiation, strategic business objectives will begin to reside more and more often within the IT.  And so, IT will have to quantify the value of 1., each business request and, 2., what feature, product, experience is delivered back. This is the core of value stream management, managing and monitoring IT investment buckets that strategically align demand streams with business strategy.

Panaya Release Dynamix provides not only visibility into the value streams but also tools to help maximize value delivery.  With demand streams in one place, complete visibility and traceability into assigned projects and scheduled releases, cross-functional teams can intelligently dispatch requirements backlogs to multiple projects and releases, based on the business objectives, ensuring that IT delivers the greatest value for its spend. The collaborative platform helps sync everyone across business, testing, development and delivery teams with connected activities and workflows that focus on the same objective. And unique to RDx, is the ability to factor in real-time insights and gain multidimensional views into impact and risk for data-based decision making for quality, fast application development and delivery.

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Achieving Agile

*The Forrester New Wave ™: Value Stream Management Tools, Q3 2018

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