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Sales Development Representative Journey in the Face of Uncertainty

people as personas Yael
Yael Kahn

Yael Kahn is the director of sales development at Panaya, she leads an international team from 7 different countries develops and scales them with high-performing outbound sales skills and tools. She trains, manages, and mentors our team to ensure individuals and teams are achieving best practice levels of productivity and meeting or exceeding sales pipeline goals.

As an international sales development department leader at Panaya, I found how you can overcome COVID by changing the way you work and where you work, but one thing it doesn’t change is your need to get results. The focus of the team is on domains of testing and changes in SAP Oracle and Salesforce platforms. More than any other role in business today, SDRs work to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, cultivating relationships to turn prospects into Sales Qualified Leads. Both inbound and outbound SDRs engage the prospect, determine whether they’re a viable lead, and cultivate the relationship until they qualify to pass on to an Account Executive.  

people as personas Yael

Accelerate Digital Adoption to Enable Reimagination

It is a very challenging time for SDRs, due to COVID and lack of conferences, the main motion is mostly on outbound – SDRs focus on hunting for prospects that fit the profile of decision-makers who make changes in the organization like ERP/ CRM manager, project managers, business application manager, etc. With the right tools at their disposal, our team has more time to devote to core sales activities. They scour the news, Linkedin, Zoominfo, and different online events.

Listen to the Prospects, and Circulate Learnings with Your Team

With the support of product marketing managers and the sales enablement department at Panaya, my team has been trained to ask prospects the right questions, to understand their wants, needs, and pain points. Work to understand your customers’ current challenges, and ways your team may be able to provide unique value during this time.

Nowadays, many vendor-driven or business-driven companies are dealing with different changes in their systems, running projects, and sometimes postponing them. By asking the right probing questions, prospects understand they can reduce the time and cost by 50% and eliminate the change later risk when they go to make upgrades or update in the system.

The most important step here is our message, it needs to be compelling. To move your prospects to respond, you first need to develop a disruptive and compelling message. 

Staying Motivated 

I am learning how to motivate my team, every person requires different incentives and motivational tactics, mostly for nowadays working from home. When you empower SDR to be better coaches, you’ll help boost motivation and sales performance for the entire team. 

On that note, our amazing team is growing, so if you’re English speaking and a hunter feel free to reach out to me on 0549163063 or, email: [email protected] 

People as Personas

At Panaya we understand that behind each incredible product there is a team of experts. These individuals are our pride. They go above and beyond to make sure each component and stage in the process is done with perfect accuracy.

This initiative opens the curtains to share with you the personas at Panaya.

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