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Panaya Introduces its Brand New Support Portal

by | May 23, 2016

Panaya Introduces its Brand New Support Portal

I have some exciting news for you that will change the way you interact with Panaya.

Panaya has just launched its brand new Customer Support Portal!

Log in to our new Support Portal and start contributing through our new communication channel.

Why am I so excited about this?

In addition to the importance of delivering high quality services, Panaya is a true believer in accompanying our customers on a journey together.

In order to achieve a successful journey, Panaya promotes transparency and recognizes the importance of the voice of the customer.

This is why with the new portal you will be able to track your own support requests, view your colleagues’ requests and be informed of any new update regarding your inquiries.

Submit New Ideas!

Even more exciting is the ability to share our product planning and allow you to make a difference. You can vote for new Ideas for feature requests with a thumbs up and we will notify you with
each step of its delivery process.

Both Support & New Idea requests are submitted via the portal’s slick and modern user interface, which great efforts were invested in its design. I hope you will find it enjoyable and easy to use.

Support 2.0
Check out the “chat like” approach for the communication thread as well as the ability to search for possible solutions in Panaya’s Success Center before submitting your requests and much more.

You can even include additional watchers to your support request, and have them actively participate in the discussion.

Do you wish to stick to the good old email correspondence approach? No worries. We made sure to keep all email functionalities as they were, so you will be notified and can also reply to a request via email.

For more information check out our Success Center!

Now is the time to log in, have a look around and communicate with us. We are listening!