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Panaya 2017 Looking Back In Amazement

by | January 23, 2018

Panaya 2017 Looking Back In Amazement

2017 was a busy year for the tech industry. From AI, cryptocurrency, blockchain and self-driving technologies – organizations are clearly in a race to deliver innovative products – quickly.


For me, 2017 marked my first full year as Panaya’s CEO, along with an exciting shift of our roadmap.

Up until mid-last year, Panaya was known as “The Upgrade Company.” And for years, that reflected the way in which organizations worked. Panaya was the solution of choice for IT system upgrades, especially ERP systems. Organizations often chose to run upgrades in batches – and they were time consuming and stressful for the many teams involved.


However, in today’s digital environment where customer loyalty is bought through personalization and experience, organizations can no longer wait for change to happen. The implications for IT are clear – Enterprise Applications must drive competitive differentiation and they need to do this now.

Panaya is now poised to become your best change delivery partner and eliminate the risk associated with rolling out business-driven change.

Rafi Kretchmer, VP of Marketing

Accepting the Enterprise Agility Challenge

In some industries, the term “never change a running system” seems to remain in place. But today, no one can afford to stand still. Continuous change is the norm. Within every request coming from the business, IT managers see the mechanics of change – often appearing as downtimes and defects. At Panaya, we recognized the need to continuously deliver change and have accepted the challenge by adjusting our platform to support our customers’ need for enterprise agility with solutions for both testing and continuous software delivery.


After completing thousands of successful projects with over 1,600 enterprise customers, Panaya has seen first-hand the need for IT to keep pace with business innovation via quicker and safer release cycles. The challenges and stress that resulted from more frequent releases, made it clear that our customers needed a solution to support a more agile environment for change. As a result, Panaya shifted product focus to create an Enterprise Agile Delivery platform, enabling IT organizations to meet the demands of continuous delivery, quality and testing and risk mitigation.  


Continuous Delivery for Enterprise Agile

Beginning the Journey to Agile at Scale

Panaya provides a unique process-centric approach to application life cycle management with Panaya Release Dynamix (RDX), a cloud-based enterprise agility platform. From initial business change request through to testing and deployment production, Panaya delivers the value of agile, continuous delivery to the world of Enterprise Applications, including SAP & Salesforce.

End-to-End Testing

Panaya Test Center  is a test acceleration platform that helps organizations Accelerate and standardize packaged application testing without compromising on scope or quality. By encompassing the needs of all stakeholders and integrating standardized testing processes for both technical IT and Business users, Panaya reduces overall testing efforts by 30-50%.


Powered by machine learning capabilities, Panaya Autonomous TestingSM for SAP eliminates the pain associated with creating and maintaining manually engineered scripts and enables zero touch test case creation and maintenance.


State of Functional Testing Report

Impact Analysis & Risk Mitigation 

Panaya Change Analytics & Risk Simulation predicts the full impact of changes, before they are implemented. SAP teams can deploy code changes, EHP upgrades, SAP rollouts and new functionality in half the time and with zero impact, while organizations using Oracle can run Oracle EBS upgrades, security patches, accelerated testing and Cloud migration in half the time and effort, with zero impact and risk.


So it’s a year later and what do we see… our success and our customers affirm our new mission:


As our VP of Marketing, Rafi Kretchmer, noted in a previous post, “Panaya is now poised to become your best change delivery partner and eliminate the risk associated with rolling out business-driven change.”


We’re not just poised to be that partner anymore –now we are there.


Continuous Delivery for Enterprise Applications