Delivery Impact and Risk Mitigation

Data-based decision making for risk-free delivery

Real-Time Insights and Multidimensional Views into Impact Ensure Production-Ready Code

When it comes to delivery impact and risk mitigation, shifting left is key. Completing testing and quality assurance activities earlier in the development lifecycle sounds complex, but the right tool can make this a seamless process. With Panaya Release Dynamix, manage risk early with impact analysis, code quality review, risk-based testing and real time risk as part of the overall delivery process – without any additional reskilling or team reorgs.

Delivery Impact and Risk Mitigation
Risk Cockpit


  • Address risk at the start of the cycle and mitigate accordingly.
  • Ensure business changes, customizations or custom development from the start.
  • Ensure tester time is more effective with code that has already been defined as “ready to test”.
  • Test the right things with clear and accurate risk-based testing.


Impact Analysis

Immediately analyze your transport before moving to QA to predict on a multidimensional level the impact to your business process before going into production. Continually using data analytics along with propriety machine algorithms, Panaya builds your unique connection map based on your ABAP code base line.

Code Quality Review

Automatically combine coding and quality assurance into a single activity to eliminate code instability and increase developer efficiency with predefined ABAP standards to ensure security, performance, compliance, maintainability and robustness of new code.

Risk-Based Testing

  • Automatically generate test plans based on impacted transactions. Define the optimal coverage to address any risk by using existing tests in your library.
  • Automatic suggestions to reuse your current Test Cases assets for maximum coverage for the impacted entry points.

Real-Time Risk

Visualize all areas of risk for each stakeholder via a risk cockpit that identifies low, medium, and high risk to status of development, code quality, test planning coverage, change risk, test execution, defects closure and overall requirements completion.

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