Smart Defect Management

Accelerate defect lifecycles and remove the inflation of defects

Centrally Monitor in Real-Time Defect Status

With Panaya Test Dynamix and Panaya Release Dynamix, defect management is smarter, simpler – and more effective. Taking a proactive, collaborative, system-wide approach to test and defect management ensures quick and efficient release cycles, reduces the duplication of defects and better utilizes project time.


  • Shift left to address risk at the start of the cycle
  • Track defect resolution progress in real-time
  • Automatic notifications and built-in communications for all stakeholders, enables collaboration and speeds-up defect resolve
  • Easily create and auto-fill defect directly from test execution
  • Prevent inflation of defects with unique system-wide-defect approach, detecting other tests affected by same defect
  • Map defects to tests and to requirements with traceability matrix


Defect Lifecycle Management

Factor in overall risk of a release quality, based on defect management, test plan validity and requirements traceability. Real-time risk analysis, smart test plan validation and defect lifecycle management optimize test resources to lower incident rates in production.

System Wide Defect

Proactively eliminates the inflation of defects by automatically identifying those tests which can potentially be harmed by the new defect. Defect managers can control the level of influence of a defect on the other tests running in the system and easily block or send warnings to testers until the main defect is resolved.

Defect Creation

Defect creation automatically attaches the steps to reproduce the error, reducing the wasted time on back and forth between testing and development teams.

Defect Monitoring

Track detailed defect status priority, progress and trend over time; view requirement traceability matrix to map defects to requirement. Easily identify the bottlenecks to accelerate defect resolution.

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