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SAP Security Chat: Tips to Safeguard Your SAP Landscape [7-Dec-16]


Do you know that 95% of SAP systems are exposed to vulnerabilities, effecting compliance, performance and the overall business? Hear veteran SAP security expert Gordon Muehl provide a detailed State of SAP Security with expert advice on how to ensure your systems stay safe, current and efficient. Join this Webinar to get some real-world advice and practical steps to secure your business critical SAP applications.

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Panaya Test Center Webinar
Elevate to Postmodern ERP Testing [16-Nov-16]

Today’s testing tools focus on traditional technical testing and do not align to meet the ‘post-modern’ ERP testing. To meet digital transformation focus and investment should shift from traditional technical testing to functional, business process level testing. Join this webinar to see next-generation ERP testing.

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Panaya SAP Webinar: Ensure a Successful Year-End HR Upgrade
Ensure a Successful Year-End SAP HR Upgrade [14-Sep-16]

Join Panaya’s Webinar to get some practical advice on the best way to upgrade your module in ½ the time, with ½ the effort, on budget and zero-go-live defects.

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How Synaptics saved 42% on their Oracle EBS upgrade [16-Aug-2016]

Learn how Synaptics logo achieved a zero defect, on time, on budget Oracle EBS Upgrade. Watch the Webinar and learn how to achieve a successful upgrade.

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Itelligence Webinar
Practical Steps to a Smooth Transition to SAP S/4HANA

Do you really know what you need to transition to S/4HANA and if so, can you do it efficiently with zero risk?

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Webinar: Ensure the Security and Performance of your SAP Systems
Ensure the Security & Performance of your SAP Systems

70% of enterprises regularly skip security & compliance audits of their ABAP custom code, exposing their SAP system to major threats. Join this webinar to learn how to streamline the remediation of security and compliance gaps with efficient testing capabilities! [Dieses Webinar in deutscher Sprache ansehen | Watch in German language]

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SCM Webinar - Digital Transformation Presentation
Agile Supply Chain Management for the Age of Digital Disruption

Upgrading to the latest SAP SCM EHP offers new features and functionalities to improve supply chain management in the age of digital disruption. However, like any change, SCM EHP upgrades face operational challenges of time, cost, complexity and risk that can delay or even derail an upgrade.

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Getting the most out of sapphire asug panaya webinar
Getting the Most Out of SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG

SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 will be a critical event for SAP. With S/4 HANA and cloud ambitions gaining momentum, SAP faces key questions from observers. Join our speakers: Jon Reed, Co-founder, Diginomica and Graham Robinson, SAP Architect, to discuss the latest buzz before the show begins…

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[Webinar] How to successfully migrate to SAP HANA
How to successfully migrate to SAP HANA

In this webinar, Kevin Reilly of ASUG and Jon Reed of diginomica share their expertise to help set you up for success with SAP HANA

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[Webinar] Behind The Magic - Your SAP Secrets Reveal
Behind the Magic – Your SAP Secrets Revealed

Do you know what is going to be impacted upon go-live when you upgrade or change your SAP infrastructure?


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