User Acceptance Testing

Best in class UAT adoption and usability

User Acceptance Test cycles require a great deal of effort and time from all those involved. In fact, during a UAT cycle test managers spend up to 80% of their time collecting data and creating daily reports while key users spend up to 50% of their time documenting test executions.

Focused on the technical side of testing, solutions today provide no collaborative and tactical methods for management and execution of functional testing, a key part to business process testing.

Panaya accelerates UAT cycles

With Panaya Test Center, UAT cycles are accelerated with features that address challenges like usability, idle time between users, defect reporting and screen shot documentation, drastically increasing productivity, efficiency and collaboration while reducing time and effort.

30% reduction in testing effort

  • Cloud-based, user friendly test management and execution platform that ensures quick on-boarding and user adoption
  • Real-time monitoring that delivers immediate and ongoing visibility of testing progress, bottlenecks, coverage and defects through real-time dashboards, tailored for SAP and Oracle
  • Reduced test execution effort and defect management with effortless documentation of the test runs for auditing and defect creation
  • Automatic handover between business testers that increases collaboration and reduces idle time.
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