Panaya Test Center


Accelerate through visibility, collaboration and control.

Panaya Test Center Key Capabilities

Intuitive Test Planning

Business Process Test Planning

Ability to easily plan cross-functional business process testing requiring multiple users to collaborate

Business Knowledge Capture

Accelerates the creation of test scripts by auto-capturing user activities
Auto-generates test scripts by converting user activities in production.

Test Assignment

Assigns a tester while simultaneously creating your test, removing cumbersome planning activities

Planning Accelerators

Enables quick creation of business processes variants for multiple countries and business units in large scale projects.

Collaborative Test Execution

Live Testers Worklist

Each business user or tester knows exactly what they must test and when it is ready to test, eliminating wasted time continuously checking and waiting for your turn.

Test Evidence Automation

Recording the test generates detailed “on the fly”, audit-ready documentation of what has been tested, reusable for training or for defect documentation

Automated Handover

Eliminates the redundant step of forwarding the test to the next tester in line - enabling the business user to focus on their test.

Collaborative Communication

Built-in communication feature enables quick and effective communication during test planning, test execution and defect resolution.

Test Results Reporting

Ability to easily report and present test results to all stakeholders, e.g., test pass or fail.

Test Monitoring

Real Time Dashboard and Reporting

  • Delivers full test visibility and tracking, including at the business process level.
  • Enables identification of bottlenecks in the testing process.
  • Monitors test velocity to make sure you will meet the defined scope.
  • Shows planned vs. actual reporting per team or per tester.

Defect Lifecycle Acceleration

System Wide Defect

Proactively eliminates the inflation of defects by automatically identifying those tests which can potentially be harmed by the new defect. Defect managers can control the level of influence of a defect on the other tests running in the system and easily block or send warnings to testers until the main defect is resolved.

Defect Creation

Defect creation automatically attaches the steps to reproduce the error, reducing the wasted time on back and forth between testing and development teams.

Defect Resolve

Defect resolution automatically notifies the tester to retest
Retest can be postponed until the fix is properly deployed to the test environment.

Defect Monitoring

Easily identify the bottlenecks to accelerate defect resolution.

Defect Close

No more defects remaining in status “resolved”, testers will easily close their defects as soon as their retest is passed.

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