Business Process Validation

Business Process Validation

Accelerated Test Management & Execution

Ensuring Business Process Quality and Efficiency in the Face of Change

With digital transformation impacting businesses today, continuous change has become an inherent part of the organization. However, deploying business or IT driven changes to already complex enterprise system landscapes introduces risk that can create critical application failures, in turn bringing business processes to a stop.

To deliver continual change with quality assurance, organizations need an end-to-end testing solution that validates business processes, ensuring risk-free application delivery.

Panaya Test Center is a cloud-based testing solution that improves the speed of application delivery with continuous testing, supporting the continual delivery natural to agile environments. A SaaS solution offering a highly collaborative environment for sharing information across geographies and teams, Panaya Test Center meets the needs of today’s distributed business.

With a central portal for test and defect management, regression automation and accelerated process automation for manual testing, Panaya Test Center delivers end-to-end business process validation in an intuitive, easy solution for both IT personnel and key business users. Providing clarity and visibility to the entire end-to-end business process, test progress can be managed for any organizational change project involving both the IT and business user sides.

Panaya Test Center helps you introduce innovation faster with a SaaS testing platform that delivers:

  • Test planning that is intuitive and fast
  • Test Suite optimization through auto discovery
  • Test execution that is collaborative and easy to use
  • Test Automation expedites regression cycles
  • Test monitoring that removes the bottlenecks of testing
  • Defect lifecycle acceleration

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