Make SAP Supply Chain Management upgrades effectively and efficiently

Organizations that want to stay relevant during this time of digital disruption must ensure their supply chain management systems offer real time and responsive customer-centric processes and analytics. For many SAP users this means upgrading both their ECC and SCM to the latest matching EHP version to take advantage of the new business innovation, functionality and performance gains that SAP has to offer.

IT departments entering an SCM upgrade are faced with many challenges that can delay a change project:

  • Unidentifiable timing and cost of project
  • Lack of business involvement and support
  • Disruptions and failures discovered too late or even post go live
  • Inefficient monitoring practices for test progress and quality.
SAP SCM White Paper

Panaya accelerates change and reduces project time by 50% for SAP SCM upgrades

Panaya CloudQuality is tailored to the SCM environment so that customers can better plan their SCM upgrade with impact analysis and testing capabilities so they can go live 50% faster with zero defects.

With Panaya, organizations can easily scope a change, alleviate the challenges, and accelerate the upgrade project, all while reducing cost and minimizing risk with:

  • Increased control and visibility with insights into what will break, how to fix it and what to test before the upgrade
  • Greater efficiency with the cleansing of unused customer code
  • Simple onboarding with automatic migration of existing testing scenarios
  • Streamlined processes between testers with automatic updates and documentation of test run evidence.

Leverage automated planning and execution of SCM upgrades for a faster, safer upgrade with reduced cost and mitigated risk.

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