Transforming business in real-time

Organizations are inundated with information, challenged with uncovering the full potential of relevant data that can drive and differentiate the business. Upgrading to Business Suite on SAP HANA promises to meet this challenge by delivering the next-generation platform, unifying analytical and transactional applications onto a single in-memory platform. Now with SAP HANA, the business is empowered with real-time insights that deliver a competitive edge and enable growth and acceleration.

To benefit from the ROI and market differentiation SAP HANA promises, organizations must first upgrade their current EHP (if lower than EHP7) and be Unicode compliant. Once the upgrade is complete, organizations can then migrate their SAP Business Suite to the HANA database.

SAP HANA Dashboard

Simple migration to SAP HANA with Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite

Upgrading to the SAP HANA database can be complex and costly when you don’t understand the full impact of the upgrade to your SAP system. With Panaya the complexity for migration to SAP HANA is removed, the business case is sound and the cost and effort is calculated. Using Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite you gain clarity and visibility to any change before you even begin the upgrade, so that you can use insights to make smart decisions for a successful plan and execution.

Delivering change in half the time, with half the effort, on budget with zero defects

By knowing the impact of change by scoping, automating and prioritizing the project, Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, with crowd wisdom and machine learning from more than 50 HANA projects, 5000 upgrade projects and 5 million test scripts, Panaya ensures absolute quality at increased velocity with a scoped plan so that you can deliver change safer, faster and better.

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