Code Quality Assurance

Improving and maintaining your SAP code quality has never been easier

Today all organizations strive for agility. However, many times, quick and agile coding means sacrificing code quality for fast delivery. With SAP, code quality issues with ABAP® code can introduce system failures, cyberattacks, data theft and more.

To realize greater SAP application performance and stability and reduced cost of application maintenance, organizations must take on best practices for ensuring the quality and security of their code.

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Panaya delivers SAP code quality assurance

With Panaya CloudQuality Suite, organizations no longer need to take on major security and quality projects that require extra IT time, budgets and manpower to ensure their ABAP® code. PCQ will provide a code quality assessment that pinpoints critical vulnerabilities in ABAP® program code, identifying core quality issues in five domains, ensuring you achieve the highest level of quality and performance from your SAP system.

  • Security - This domain checks for security defects, i.e. code with hidden side effects that can be misused by an attacker
  • Compliance - This domain checks compliance defects, i.e. coding practices that bypass an important security mechanism in the SAP standard
  • Performance - This domain identifies coding practices that have adverse effects on the performance of an SAP system
  • Robustness - This domain checks for ABAP® coding practices which jeopardize the reliable execution of a business application. An important benefit of having robust code is business continuity: Robust code reacts to error conditions in a controlled, reliable and predefined way
  • Maintainability - This domain analyzes the ABAP® coding for issues that make the code difficult to maintain. Factors that reduce maintainability include: coding that is difficult to understand for a developer new to the project, coding with a complex structure and poor documentation.
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