Oracle Cloud Readiness

Prepare for a hybrid world of cloud and on-premise coexistence

Oracle is aiming for cloud-based applications but it is clear that organizations with existing on-premise Oracle EBS implementations will be keeping their core ERP on-premise for now while adopting the cloud for surrounding business applications.

The outcome is a hybrid environment with on-premise and cloud business applications
co-exiting and integrating with each other. This hybrid environment will introduce three new challenges to business and IT:

  1. The need to increase the speed of the on-premise EBS to keep up and align with the cloud
  2. Testing in a cross-platform environment, where business processes will span between multiple applications both on premise and in the cloud
  3. Getting ready for cloud migration of certain areas of EBS such as Cloud HCM, Sales, Marketing, Logistics, etc.

Make Oracle EBS fast and agile to align with speed and flexibility of cloud

Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite for Oracle EBS Releases helps organizations to accelerate their on- premise EBS releases and enables change faster and safer.

Cross platform business process testing for business users

Panaya Test Center is an end-to-end testing solution for business processes which is designed to help organizations manage and accelerate business application testing across multiple platforms.

Panaya Test Center is designed for business users and business process testing which is the most common approach when shifting to the cloud and SaaS.

Make On-Premise Oracle EBS Cloud Ready

If you are considering cloud migration sometime in the future or if you are getting ready to migrate a portion of your EBS to ERP in the cloud, there are some necessary steps to take to achieve cloud readiness:

  1. Get an EBS landscape assessment and mapping of customizations and usage
  2. Prepare a map and documentation of business processes
  3. Upgrade to latest Oracle version
  4. Go back to standard
  5. Patch on schedule.
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