When the business moves so fast, you can’t afford mistakes.

Increasing IT velocity while minimizing IT risks

This Panaya whitepaper explores methodologies and best practices for achieving IT agility for critical enterprise applications (ERP) in the era of digital transformation. It provides a unique perspective about how to increase IT velocity while minimizing IT risk and ensuring quality in a traditional IT environment.

Increasing IT velocity while minimizing IT risks


The race to
digital transformation

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Success story

How CEPSA overcame
a risky HANA migration

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From the CTO’s desk

What you need
for ERP agility

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Panaya is like a light in the darkness.

We all of a sudden have the visibility of what we need to test and the confidence that we can share this with the business users. We know the impact precisely, something we never knew in the past.

Sebastian Hebert
Technical Director, Shiseido