Your Oracle EBS Upgrade Journey – Insights into the Surprises and Unknowns

Oracle EBS upgrades are always a big deal! There are many surprises and many unknowns to uncover along the way. Check them out right now…

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Is ERP in the Oracle Cloud Real? Of Course!

According to our research, 8% think ERP will move fully to the cloud when Elvis comes back. But more than 60% think that ERP will move to the cloud within the next few years, and another quarter see full-cloud adoption within 10 years. Is your organization there yet? View our full results.

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ERP in the Cloud: Fact or Fiction?

Is your ERP ready for the cloud? While it may appear far off, we are now living in the cloud era. Panaya surveyed several hundred IT professionals to determine their cloud-readiness. Check out our findings in this infographic.

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Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe

What is Coca-Cola’s secret recipe??

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ABB Brazil Infographic – SAP Testing With and Without Panaya Test Center

ABB Brazil recently started using Panaya Test Center for their SAP testing. The results are astounding! SAP testing preparation took 160 hours, and with Panaya took only 2 hours. Test management took 440 hours without Panaya and 120 hours with Panaya. Panaya Test Center changed the way ABB Brazil approaches SAP testing.

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Oracle EBS Patches

When it comes to Oracle EBS Patches, there’s more to it than meets the eye. All you have to do is dig into the numbers a bit.The following infographic reveals five interesting statistics about EBS patches.

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