5 Tips for Safe and Fast System Changes
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The Ideal Testing Solution: Key Capabilities You Are Probably Missing
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Simplify to Accelerate User Acceptance Testing

This eBook outlines the top 3 counterproductive UAT practices and how you can simplify them to gain user adoption and execute UAT cycles faster and safer.

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5 Tips to Ace Your Functional Test Cycles

Our new eBook, 5 Tips to Ace Your Functional Test Cycles incorporates our customer-proven insights as new methods you can easily apply for better control and accelerated functional testing.

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Discover the Optimal Path to S/4HANA

Read the eBook to understand the 3 major routes to S/4HANA, and learn how to choose the right path based on your organization’s needs.

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Oracle Cloud and On Premise: How to Co-exist

In this whitepaper by Panaya, get real-world advice on how to co-exist in a hybrid reality of Oracle on-premise and cloud applications.

Get practical advice from David Linthicum, Cloud Computing visionary, rated #1 cloud influencer in a major report by Apollo Research.

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