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ERP Vendor Change Analytics 

Panaya is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that uses extensive computational resources to continuously gather information about ERP vendors and their system changes. This provides Panaya with a deep view of the vendor’s current system, its scope and how it has changed over time – the vanilla ERP baseline. That vanilla ERP baseline provides Panaya with its initial model – a generic basis to analyze any ERP system.

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Impact Analysis

Panaya’s deep analysis of the vendor baseline is then applied to your ERP context as well as your test plans to create an impact model specific to your ERP system, and related satellite systems. The solution is powered by a huge backend engine that Panaya has built up based on years of real-world experience with ERP systems.

This is combined with specific data about your ERP usage paradigm based on data collected from your development, testing and production landscapes. This data is gathered into our code box and test box and used to create a customer specific model that generates a specific baseline for you.

This baseline information is also used as mechanism for Panaya’s engine to continuously learn about real world ERP – continuously updating and improving Panaya’s model.

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ERP Scoping

Once all this has been completed, Panaya has a tailored model of your specific ERP system which is used as a simulation engine to provide the insights into how your system reacts to any change.

Panaya scopes those insights to ensure that only necessary components will be tested and that it covers all the right components – even if you have left them out of your original test plans. It also covers non-ERP components that will be affected by any change. Together these ensure that you have efficient and effective always-current test plan for your release.

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ERP Testing

Panaya’s solution provides tooling and support for both IT verification testing and business validation testing. Panaya ensures that the test plan is documented and test evidence captured – an essential component for companies that must adhere to internal compliance rules, or external regulations. At the heart of it all is collaboration:

  • Person-to-person collaboration for all the release stakeholders that minimizes the cost and errors caused by hand-offs and manual process inefficiencies and -
  • Man-to-machine collaboration using an advanced analytics engine that gives your employees the production insights they need to make ERP change efficiently and effectively, increasing ERP agility and velocity.

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