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ERP Agility as an enabler in the era of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has been driving change in business over the last decade. Enterprises that have been adapting to the digital way of doing business have generated new revenue and value-producing opportunities.

While companies that have embraced digital transformation have seen increase in revenue, market valuation and profits, the digital consumer is not a forgiving one. Organizations are expected to meet consumer demands while increasing productivity within their companies. They are also expected to do so flawlessly, which is dependent on adopting an agile ERP system.

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Achieving Agile ERP: Stay Current and Overcome Technical Debt

In the world of ERP, organizations are challenged with keeping up with the pace of the business. While ERP systems were tuned to balance business requirements with IT capabilities, the increased rate of change, driven by digital transformation, disrupts this balance. Organizations must ensure that the ERP system is always current - back to standard, incorporating simplification and in some cases accommodating cloud adoption. At the same time, organizations are developing customized code for the ERP that support new business models and target new market segments. These customizations to the ERP code cause technical debt, making company-wide applications more fragile.

The company ERP, as a system of differentiation, must minimize integration risks and technical debt with regular updates that are supplied by the vendor. Staying on top of technical debt is a critical consideration of any agile approach. For SAP and Oracle ERP systems, a frequent (and expensive) debt pattern is to delay upgrades and patches. Delaying upgrades speeds things up for a short while, but quickly accrues debt that will slow IT velocity in the long run (not to mention the possible security ramifications).

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Digital Transformation - Panaya CloudQuality Suite
Learn How to Make ERP Agile
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PCQ: Panaya’s solution for ERP agility, leading enterprises to digital transformation

Panaya’s CloudQuality™ Suite (PCQ) is making ERP agile by enabling IT leaders to accelerate and promote change so that business applications meet the rising demands and pace of today’s business.

A SaaS platform incorporating best-of-breed technologies and processes, Panaya’s PCQ allows IT and business leaders to overcome the change fear factor by gaining clarity and control with full visibility to any change before the project even begins.
Panaya also ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness throughout the project by automating, prioritizing and consolidating project activities.

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With Panaya PCQ, ERP agility is achieved without compromising on quality

Its analytics-driven testing capabilities are based on a crowd wisdom of over 25,000 ERP landscapes analyzed, ensuring that organizations test code and fix only what’s necessary – without missing any bugs. Since the platform is constantly “learning” the vendor code as well as the organization’s code, it allows for faster changes and continuous improvement. PCQ also includes the ability to manage the testing process, and collaborate effectively between IT and business stakeholders along the release process. The result is not only accelerated testing, but also a significantly reduced amount of manual testing.

At Panaya, we live up to our promise: We have under our belt over 9000 projects with zero defects after go-live. With Panaya Cloud Quality Suite we are enabling organizations to reach ERP agility faster, and ensuring flawless new business processes that lead to digital transformation – with zero defects.

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The Race to Digital Transformation - Infographic
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