Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite

Introduction to PCQ 

Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite [PCQ] empowers organizations with the ability to successfully manage the quality of ERP changes that drive core business processes.

PCQ is a Software-as-a-Service cloud platform that delivers powerful ERP change analytics and actionable recommendations to effectively plan, scope, test and report ERP change implementations.

Fueled by real-world ERP testing and usage data, Panaya provides the ERP change intelligence needed to mitigate the risks, cut the time and lower the cost of critical ERP change implementations.

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The technology for Panaya's solution is built on on four pillars:  ERP Vendor Change Analytics, Impact Analysis, ERP Scoping and ERP Testing. ERP Vendor Change Analytics refers to the extensive information we have gathered about ERP vendors and system changes. Impact Analysis is the model that we generate based on your current ERP system and our knowledge of many other ERP landscapes, giving you a specific baseline. ERP Scoping gives you insights into how your system reacts to change, and ERP Testing refers to IT verification testing and business validation testing provided.

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ERP Agility

In the world of ERP, organizations are challenged with keeping up with the pace of the business. Panaya’s CloudQuality™ Suite makes ERP agile by enabling IT leaders to accelerate and promote change so that business applications meet the rising demands and pace of today’s business.  Based on analysis of over 25,000 ERP landscapes, PCQ ensures that organizations test code and fix only what is necessary, without missing any bugs.  After 9000 projects with zero defects after go-live, we can help your organization reach ERP agility faster and safer.

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Digital Transformation


We are in the era of digital transformation, with an expectation of an increase of enterprises creating digital initiatives to more than double in the next few years. For many companies, digital transformation is linked to the ERP systems that serve as the core of the business across the organization.  These systems will need to be more agile in order to support the new requirements, and agility depends on keeping the ERP system current. This leads to a faster, more responsive and adaptable ERP system that creates the successful environment for digital transformation.

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Panaya Success Center 

Panaya Success Center is a complete index of resources that take you step by step through the process of managing a project with Panaya. Based on thousands of similar projects, we present these resources and videos as a guide to the planning, testing and reporting methodologies used at major corporations around the world.  We also supply you with all the current information on our solutions and releases, allowing you to get the answers you need in an organized format.

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