Why UAT Testing cycles are still so painful?

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We live in the 21th century, don’t we?

Most of us are usually looking for best of breed technologies and modern tools to improve our business processes and increase our productivity, especially when they are usable and user friendly.

It is no surprise that cloud solutions, or more generally web applications, are constantly taking more and more of our daily lives, with responsive designs to enable users to work better and on any device.

So why UAT testing cycles are still handled as if we were in the Stone Age?

I’m always amazed to see that UAT testing cycles at SAP or Oracle EBS customers are still managed as they were in the Stone Age, using, at best, MS Excel.

Indeed, hours are spent in trying to coordinate dozens or even hundreds of key users to go through their daily business processes. Test progress is barely tracked daily and becomes even more cumbersome when different time zones are involved.

Interviewing hundreds of customers on the subject, it is crystal clear that project managers will do whatever it takes, to ensure that key users will be kind enough to report their test statuses, even if this means gathering various formats (mails, excel, word or phone calls) together to provide some reporting to management.

But User Acceptance Testing doesn’t have to be so painful!

Check out how Panaya can boost your UAT and drastically increase your key user productivity, enable real time reporting while providing a user friendly interface for your users so they would even be happy and eager to take part of the testing! 

Learn How to Take Your UATs to the Digital Age.

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Serge Lazimi

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Serge Lazimi is an expert in ERP testing and the SAP ecosystem. For more than a decade, Serge has held key roles in product management, consulting, IT, and sales in the SAP Retail and CRM arenas in various countries across the globe. He is currently the Director of Product Management for Testing Solutions at Panaya.

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  1. A quick terminology question.

    Is it correct if I use User acceptance practice rather than end user practice?

    May be semantics but being pulled up on it?

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