UAT Tales from the Real World: The Post-it Wall

by | May 24, 2016

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UAT Tales from the Real World: The Post-it Wall

Halloween was several months ago, but it’s always time for scary stories.

Here’s the first in a series:

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I once visited a test manager in Swedish company, while he was in the middle of a UAT cycle. Usually, you would expect him to have quite a large room full of people running through their business processes.

This time, the room was pretty small and only four or five people were seated. However, there was a huge whiteboard full of Post-it notes. Looking closer, I recognized business processes names (Quote to Cash, Make to Order), and each note represented one business process step (Create Sales Order, Invoice Verification).

The board showed due dates in columns and teams in rows, so I understood that the people in the room were basically responsible to call out the testers from different subsidiaries to get an updated status and make sure to report it on the board.

That was the only way the project manager found out to track his project in “real time.”

That’s definitely a very visual way to identify bottlenecks – and a creative way to save on travel costs!

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